What is the Scio?
Why use the Scio?


Electromagnetic energy that is produced by the device will enter the body via the harness around the head and the leads around the limbs. This electromagnetic energy penetrates the body to restore the frequency of the cells.

Science has proved over the years that our bodies is indeed electrical.
The Scio works by measuring the bodyís amperage, voltage, resistance etc.

Sometimes due to trauma or injuries the frequency in our bodies change, this change in frequencies can result in illnesses and other serious problems. We donít always see the effects of the changed frequencies immediately after, but this frequency often accumulates within the cells and cause problems later in life. The Scio attempts to correct these frequencies and with some of the programs used with the Scio will stimulate the bodyís own healing mechanisms.

The client will feel nothing during a treatment, because all the interactions of the therapy takes place within the bodyís own natural operating boundaries. The client may feel tired after the treatment, because the treatment will still work in the body hours after the treatment. With the Scio the treatment will not overwork the body as it will indicate with a response that the body had enough.

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