Because we are all under stress in our daily lives we must make an effort to get rid of these stress. Most illnesses and diseases are caused by stress. It is also important to know which part of the body is mostly affected by stress. By reducing this stress you can keep yourself healthy.

The Scio device can detect these stressors and by altering this damaging frequencies in the body, it will have a positive effect on your overall health.

Some stress related problems that most people struggle with is:
neck and back pain
These are only a few of the hundreds of symptoms of stress.

When we are under a lot of stress our bodies sometimes start to adapt to these circumstances because we do not get rid of the stress. Sometimes our bodies get so worn out by the stress that our bodies enter a state of complete exhaustion. In the exhaustion phase our bodies are too tired to attempt to correct these imbalances in frequency in our cells. This is where the Scio comes in, to help us eliminate these effects of stress.

With too much stress in our bodies our immune system tends to weaken and we are more susceptible to infections.
What is the Scio?
How does it work?